News Update

Having started with the Corrugated Cartons division, Unipack today has five successful divisions, namely – Corrugated Cartons, Bopp Tapes, Stretch Film & Cling Film, Aluminum Foils & Aluminum Containers


We are also in the process of completely renovating our laboratory by installing the latest testing equipments, primarily for corrugated cartons and the tapes division, for better quality control.


This is to introduce Unipack as one of the leading manufactures of packing materials namely Corrugated Cartons, Self Adhesive BOPP Tape, DUCT Tape (Grey), Aluminium Foils Tape, Masking Tape, Paper Core, Kitchen Aluminium Foil, Aluminium Foil Containers & Paper Bags


UNIPACK was established in Dubai in the year 1993 and within a decade of starting operations, UNIPACK has grown to a level of being recognized as a leading packaging company in the region