X Collection:

Think long lasting, think evoking confidence, think cool..think the 'X collection'. The X collection is range of long lasting deodorants, which displays a variety of options with the infusion of exotic scents and aromas to create fragrances to suit different personalities and moods. Blended with the extraordinary scents is a double protection that provides 24h confident activity. The X collection stands for gallant passion, which imbibes a sense of confidence and reliability.

Venus Collection:

The Venus Collection speaks a delicate tone, with an exquisite and sensual feel. This collection of varied deodorants has a specific aroma that would bring out the personality and aura of the wearer. With a twist of fruit, a hint of floral delicacy and a refreshing splash the Venus Collection provides reliable 24 h protection which lets the women of today smell beautiful and feel lovely day in and day out. Be it feeling sporty or seductive, feeling delicate or vigorous the Venus collection has something suitable for every attitude and style.

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