Unipack is one of the fastest growing converters of food grade aluminum foil, and is perfectly geared to complement the disposable packaging needs of the fast food and catering industry.

We produce high quality aluminum foil disposable food containers. Unaffected by extreme temperatures, they can be transferred from the freezer to the oven without any difficulty. We also have the facility to make containers to suit the specific needs of the user by choice of temper, gauge and style.

Aluminum foil Containers with Lids Packing
Model No. 8325 (Top Out 127mm × 100mm) 1000 pcs
Model No. 8342 (Top Out 145mm × 120mm) 1000 pcs
Model No. 8357 (Top Out 159mm × 159mm) 750 pcs
Model No. 8368 (Top Out 195mm × 124mm) 900 pcs
Model No. 8389 (Top Out 212mm × 144mm) 1000 pcs
Model No. 83120 (Top Out 227mm × 178mm) 400 pcs
Model No. 83185 (Top Out 260mm × 190mm) 400 pcs

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